New Ways to Make Money Online

In these financially trying times, some people are turning to the web as a new platform for earning additional income. And it makes sense, afterall - when you really think about it, the internet is really bustling with income opportunities. That said, here are some relatively new ways to earn money online:

1. Crowdsourcing

Simply put, Crowdsourcing is all about tapping people online to do a particular task or finish a project. These tasks range from really simple (like sending emails or entering data) to technically challenging ones (like graphic design work or SEO etc.). Participants would often have to compete to work on a project, which sort of makes it more exciting and challenging. Some popular Crowdsourcing sites include for logo design and for extra little tasks businesses often need to get done.

2. Selling Creative Work Online is looking for creatives who are willing to sell their graphic work (especially those resembling virtual gifts) via the site. They split the income but you get the bigger slice., on the other hand, helps you sell your top-notch photographs.

3. Pay to Click Ads (PTC)Programs

It's not really something that could give you enough money for a living but earning a few dollars just by clicking ads is not bad at all. You can even earn more money by being a site affiliate (application is often free). If you are interested, check out among so many others.

4. Participate in Social Networking for Cash

Believe it or not, there are sites like that actually pay its members just for being active! Make money just by uploading photos, sending messages and participating in forums. Isn't that the coolest?

There you go. :) Keep tuning in for more fresh ways to earn money online! :)
And just remember, whether your work is online or not, hardwork and patience are key to success.

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  1. I joined to see what it was. I was able to generate 4 cents in about 4 minutes. That works out to be a dollar an hour but, they only had 4 links to click.

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