Apple iPad 2 : Actual Photos LEAKED?! WOW!

Look what I found on M8Cool, 5 days before iPad 2's official announcement in San Francisco --

ipad 2

Are we looking at photos of what could be the actual Apple iPad 2?

ipad 2

ipad 2

ipad 2

If these are really what they appear to be, then they confirm three previously leaked information on iPad 2 --

1. iPad 2 ditches the rather impractical curved back of its predecessor in favor of a flat rear similar to that of iPod Touch 4G.

2. iPad 2 will have two cameras; One in front and another one at the back.

3. iPad 2 will have a sizable loud speaker covered in metal mesh at the back of the iDevice.

Apple hasn't denied nor confirmed the veracity of these photos. We'll have to wait until March 2, 2011 - that's Wednesday next week - to know for sure if these images are for real.


  1. if these are actually real pictures of the ipad 2 i think it looks worse than the first gen. maybe a faster processor and cameras but it looks like bunk

  2. i agree.. if it is real, the first ipad looks better.


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