Dell Mini 3i Smartphone Spotted in China Runs on Android !!

Finally, Dell's much anticipated smartphone has made its public appearance - in China. (Of course, in China!) But here's the thing: Interestingly and contrary to earlier prediction, it didn't turn out to be the iPhone Killer that everyone expects it to be. No wifi, no 3G ~ seriously. Hmm.

Check out Dell Mini 3i:

Despite its shortcomings, Dell Mini 3i does come with other rather nice specs such as:

Android-based Open Mobile System (OMS)
3 megapixel camera,
microSD slot,
and 950mAh battery

No word on the price and worldwide release date yet.

UPDATE: Mini 3i is NOT Official, shared Dell.

Apparently, the Dell Mini 3i's apperance at a China Mobile event on Monday was merely a proof of concept, and -- wait for it -- "it wasn't officially, formally introduced so much as it was waved around." Thank you, Dell, for our quote of the week. Unwilling to yet commit to the handset and specs on display, Dell is saying that it was there to support China Mobile in its role as a development partner rather than to promote any retail products. [via]


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