How Does Google Adsense PIN Letter Look Like ?

Carmela from Orange, New Jersey sent us this question via email last night:
"Dear TP, I just wanna ask -- how long does it REALLY take for Google to mail the Adsense PIN and how does the letter look like ?"

Hi Carmela!

Google Adsense will notify you once they are about to mail your PIN. And it usually takes around 2-3 weeks for the letter to reach your address.

The Official Google Adsense PIN letter looks like this:

Google Adsense PIN Letter Front

Google Adsense PIN Letter Back

It looks more like a card than a letter, actually.


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  1. My google adsense pin is filled with mud because, It rain when I check out our mailbox and then I drop it lol.

  2. :D

    Thanks for checking out TechPinas. :)


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