Friendster Honors Former Philippine President Corazon 'Cory' Aquino

Perhaps well-aware of what the Yellow Ribbon means for Filipinos (today, more than ever), US-based social networking website - Friendster - embedded the ribbon this day on its site logo to pay homage to the late great Philippine President - our champion of democracy, Mrs. Corazon Aquino:

How can Friendster not have such palpable level of Pinoy Spirit? Filipinos account for the biggest percentage of Friendster's traffic - with around 39% or 13.3 Million out of 39 Million unique visitors in March 2008.

TechPinas joins the country in honoring the memory and leadership of our former President.
Maraming Salamat, Cory. Palagi kang mabubuhay sa puso ng bawat Pilipino.

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