Jeff Zwerner - Palm's New SVP for Brand Design

Palm, creator of the recently well-received Pre touchscreen smartphone, has just hired a new Senior Vice President for Brand Design -- Mr. Jeff Zwerner.

Guess where Mr. Zwerner used to work?

Based on that photo alone, you can tell he used to work for Apple. And let me tell you, he did.
He was with Apple - once as the Creative Director for Packaging in 2001-2003 and earlier as a Senior Art Director from 1995-1996. Interesting, right? So are going to see Apple inspired Palm products in the near future? That remains to be seen.

Zwerner has an amazing track record in the design industry. He founded the San Francisco branch of Factor Design, providing design work for "Apple, Coca-Cola, Gap, GE, Hewlett-Packard, L.L. Bean, Nike and the Walt Disney Company."


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