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It's an emergent Twitter feature that's caught on: People ReTweeting entries. And it did so for good reason, sharing is definitely essential in a social network.

But first, for Twitter users who haven't actually tried it, what is ReTweeting?

[ReTweeting is] When you want to call more attention to a particular tweet, you copy/paste it as your own, reference the original author with an @mention, and finally, indicate that it's a retweet [,hence the RT]. The process works although it's a bit cumbersome and not everyone knows about it.

Great news for ardent ReTweeters

Twitter has recently disclosed in its blog that the company is working to make ReTweeting easier for everyone. It will do this by including a ReTweet link option to every Tweet or Entry - just like the current Reply and Favorite options that we have for every post.

The easy ReTweet project is still in the drafting board but I bet it should see realization soon. But when exactly? Let's hear it from Twitter:

We are still sketching out exactly how this feature and its API counterpart works. Sharing our thoughts before launching means developers will have the opportunity to prepare their applications. In a few weeks or so we'll launch the feature on our web site and because app developers had a chance to prepare, it should become available across most of the Twitter ecosystem about the same time. This way, we can all enjoy retweeting—however we choose to access Twitter.

The first launch of this feature will probably be a limited subset of folks for a short period of time so we can get an idea of how it works from a system perspective. After we kick the tires a bit, we'll do a full launch to everyone.

Great! :)

[via Twitter Blog]

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