MSI Wind U150 - First Netbook with Intel Pine Trail Chipset - Features Touchscreen, Windows 7

The studio shot is out. Meet the latest iteration to MSI's popular netbook line, MSI Wind U150 :

Looks hot! Slim, sexy. And it also features resistive touchscreen supporting Windows 7.

The form is cool but apparently, it is what's inside the unit that makes it totally special. This baby is the FIRST EVER netbook to run on Intel's much anticipated Pine Trail platform.

What is Pine Trail, you ask?

“With the netbook, we felt we had to create a new name, a new class to distinguish it from the traditional laptop,” [Intel Spokesman, Bill] Calder says. “There’s been some blurring of those lines, but the beauty of it is we have this low-power architecture in this incredibly small package.”

With Pine Trail, Intel is going from a three-chip model to two chips in netbooks and nettops, which should allow Pine Trail to deliver smaller and thinner form factors, better battery life, more systems without fans, better graphics performance, and better overall processor performance. [...] via

OK. I'm not sure if U150 will have a system fan or not -- I'll have to get back to you on that (along with the price, specs and release date). Off hand though, looking at the photo, I'm guessing MSI was able to stick a fan in there somewhere - hopefully near the vent. :P

[via Slashgear]

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