Dell Mini 9 and Mini 12 - Discontinued !

Sure, Mini 9 has gotten quite dated; The axing didn't surprise me at all.
But Mini 12 too?! Man, that machine held some promise of unrealized greatness. Maybe, it's the Microsoft Windows 7 licensing agreement reminding netbook companies that 10.2" is the largest screen size that could get cheap netbook licensing. Whatever Dell's reason may be, Mini 12 been axed and there's nothing netbook aficionados can do about it.

Goodbye Mini 9! Goodbye Mini 12!

With Mini 9 and 12 gone for good, we're left with Dell Mini 10 and 10v (which is just 10 with bigger disk space) and Inspiron 13, 14, 15 and 17 ( ranging from $299 to $499 ) - in Dell's netbook and consumer categories.

[heads up via Engadget, photo via NetbookReviews101]

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