Sony Ericsson Netbook in the Works ?!

NetbookNews has just reported that Sony Ericsson just might be working on a new device - Guess what the device is.

That's right, a netbook!

According to their "reliable" Taiwanese source, Sony Ericsson could be following Nokia's path in creating a full pledged mobile computer -- a smartbook? Who knows?

Quoting NetbookNews:

We can’t tell right now, if it will be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform or any other “non x86″ developments, but we can tell one thing for sure: Intel is getting quite some competition pretty soon!

Due to the information we gathered during the last Computex Show in Taipei, ARM, Freescale and Qualcomm will agressively enter this market of mobile and affordable devices by the end of this year. Sony-Ericsson will be (like Acer f.e.) another big brand to join them for this new product class. With their record of building mobile- and smartphones, this could be one of the most interesting and anticipated new devices.


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