Google Chrome Not Loading Websites, Not Connecting to Internet After Windows Security Update

I received this Twitter DM from Andy Z. this morning:

"Dear TP, my Google Chrome browser altogether stopped working (websites won't load , browser won't even connect to the internet) after I installed several Windows Security Updates for Vista (specifically KB915597, KB905866, KB973346, KB961371 ). I noticed IE8 also stopped working after the update. Firefox 3.5 , in contrast, in still fine. Is Vista effed up or what? This is annoying. Please guide me on what to do. I miss Chrome. Thanks."


Hi Andy. Believe it or not, this also happened to my Chrome browser a few days ago, after I installed KB915597. At first I thought it has something to do with the TCP/IP, firewall and proxy settings, so I tweaked them to no avail. After checking my system activities, however, I noticed that the problem happened after I installed that security update. So I did a System Restore to a date when Chrome was still working (that is, prior to the update) -- and it fixed the issue.

I don't know how safe it is not to install the Windows Security Updates that you mentioned specially KB915597 - as it is an anti-spyware patch - so the decision whether or not to install them is all up to you.

I tend to think that this issue is bigger than this "Windows Security Update effin' up Google Chrome" thingie since Firefox 3.5 works well with the Update. IMO, Google needs to take a closer look at this and fix the problem.

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  1. Same thing hapened with me. Google Chrome suddenly stopped working, and around the same time, my firewall was mysteriously shut off and now my comp is running in a strange way and desk top icons fail to load. It all started yesterday when I tried to install some updates. Firefox works completely fine. I guess I'll stick to Firefox since they are the best, despite the fact that Firefox blocks me from my favorite internet radio stations!! Back to the ipod and radio for me I guess.. but I'd like to at least hear my internet shows. I already deleted Safari since it's way too slow. I tried my best to delete explorer, but.... I guess I can't because I get a message saying if I continue uninstalling explorer, it will affect all programs I downloaded with that browser. I hate explorer, especially now that while using firefox, it somehow started causing pop ups to occur in an Explorer Window, which all started around the same time the Google thing happened. Funny how I'm not even using Explorer, yet pop ups are once agin back, trying to come through a browser I'm not even using!


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