How to Make Firefox Look Like Google Chrome

Carla B. DM'd TechPinas this question via Twitter a while ago:
"TechPinas, how do I make Firefox look like Chrome? I like the minimalistic look of Chrome but I can't let go of Firefox add-ons. I love Firefox."


Hi Carla! Thanks for the inquiry! Fox in Chrome clothing, eh? Hmm.

I think it's possible. But off hand, I want to tell you that there's only so much we can do to make Firefox look like Chrome -- because no amount of skin can hide Firefox as Firefox. Hehe.

There's a Firefox add-on theme out now that offers a decent attempt at this. It's called ChromiFox -- which, as the name suggests, kinda makes Firefox look like Chrome. Check it out:

The operative word is 'kinda' - because it's close but not quite there yet. For one, the tabs are inverted, the title tab is still visible and the menu tab, to be disabled, requires another extension.


1. Open Firefox
2. Download the Hide Menu Bar Extension. LINK
3. Install Hide Menu Bar Extension.
4. Restart Firefox
5. Hide Menu Bar
6. Download Chromifox LINK
7. Install Chromifox
8. Restart Firefox

There you go. :) I hope you find this helpful.

UPDATE: You might want to go a step further by hiding the status bar (uncheck Status Bar at View tab) and installing the Hide Caption Bar add-on for Firefox to maximize space --

The extension detects menubar automatically, if menubar is visible, extension hides Minimize, Maximize/Restore and Close buttons on nav-bar, if menubar is hidden, the extension displays these buttons on nav-bar.

If user uses a special method to hide menubar, and cannot see these buttons on nav-bar, then user can add an option extensions.hide_caption.show_nav_close_btn manually. If it is true, the extension always displays Minimize, Maximize/Restore and Close buttons on nav-bar.

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