Samsung TL220 and TL225 Digicams Help You Take Better Self-Portraits

I don't know any Pinoy digital camera owner who's not guilty of this: Taking self-portraits --

with arm and hand holding the camera raised in the air. 
Absolutely not mindful of what others might think. Hehe.

Finally, a camera company took note of this consumer 'practice' and released a point-and-shoot digicam that helps Self-portrait Kings and Queens take better shots! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Samsung TL220 and TL225 (aka ST500 and ST550, respectively):

TL220 and TL225 look very much alike save for a few specs. Their most noticeable difference can be seen at the back: TL220 has a 3-inch back LCD display, while the TL225 (above) features a sharper 3.5-inch display.

Both 12.2 megapixel cameras sport a 4.6x optical zoom, image stabilization, 720p video capabilities in H.264 format, and a touchscreen rear LCD with haptic feedback.

What's that in front? Near the protruding lens? Yup, a small LCD screen! And you know what that means -- No more taking chances in flaunting your best angle for your self-portrait and more importantly, you can now make sure that everyone will be in group shots, including you, the photographer.

Here's a section of the official press release:

"These cameras are the very first of their kind," said Sang Jin Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging Company. "The use of digital imaging technologies has evolved and we are offering functionality and capabilities that no other digital camera manufacturer has yet addressed. It has become more common for the photographer to switch roles and become the subject of his or her photo, especially given the rise in popularity of self-portraits or profile pictures for use with today's popular social networking sites. The Dual LCD on the TL225 and TL220 allows consumers to become part of the picture in a way that they simply were unable to do so before. These cameras will be must-haves for those individuals that use popular social networking Web sites and for families that want to get everyone, including the photographer, in the picture."

Here's product video courtesy of Engadget:

TL220 and TL225 run for $299.90 and $349.99, respectively and are set for global release in September 2009.

Read full press release and check out more photos via Engadget,
Self-portrait vector image courtesy of InMagine - The vector image was used simply to demonstrate the act of taking a self-portrait - as pointed out in the article - and is not in any way related to Samsung and its advertising campaigns.

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