From Good Grandma to Techie Lola (with Bayan Telecommunications)

How often do you see a Lola stealing the spotlight in what seems like a youth-oriented lifestyle such as the Internet?

Under normal conditions, the answer to that would be rarely or never. But as the Internet becomes more and more integral to the lives of people, even older Filipinos should keep up. Realizing this trend, maverick telecommunications company Bayan Telecommunications (Bayan) introduced an internet-savvy character, Lola Techie, in their latest TV commercial that’s now airing nationwide.

Bayan DSL "Lola Techie" TVC Grab (via Youtube)

Lola Techie proves in this TVC that once seniors go online, they are just as enthusiastic as younger users—proving untrue the notion that the World Wide Web may just bore the elderly out of their wits. In fact, Tessie Moreno, the cool grandma who plays the part of Lola Techie in the TV commercials, shares that the Internet has also changed the way she communicated with her friends and family. “My children do not live with me anymore so knowing how to chat with them or even just share pictures though Facebook and e-mails has indeed helped me keep up to date with my family even if they’re far away,” she explains.

But what is really ingenious about Lola Techie is that people can actually talk to her through social networking sites such as Facebook, Multiply, Twitter and Plurk. “By simply adding her as friend, users can view and comment on status updates, video and picture posts by Lola Techie. And the best thing about it, Lola Techie actually replies to your messages,” says John Rojo, Bayan’s VP for Corporate Brand and Communications.

After only 2 months of being launched online, Lola Techie has more than 90, 000 fans in Facebook, more than 4, 000 community members in Multiply and almost 2,000 followers in both Twitter and Plurk, not to mention hundreds of thousands of views on You Tube on her videos. Truly taking the Pinoy online world by storm, the ad actually goes beyond its novelty and coolness factor. “Lola Techie seeks to inspire other people, be it fellow seniors or the younger ones, to find the right internet connectivity for them so they can begin enjoying the perks of communicating online,” explains Mr. Rojo. “She’s now everybody’s favorite TV lola not only because of her cool, hip and very witty personality but also because she knows where to get the most competitive unlimited internet package,” he adds.

According to Mr. Rojo, Lola Techie is a counter-intuitive approach to current communications of Internet service providers which showcases mostly young and active people. “The message of Lola Techie is that with Bayan, getting Internet connection and using the Internet is really simple and easy. Bayan offers reasonable DSL packages for as low as P899 and offers a money back guarantee for a 15 day period. Like Lola Techie, Bayan DSL is the preferred package for people who appreciate simple, honest and reliable service.”

An effort that further proves Bayan’s commitment of letting the Filipino voice be heard, the Lola Techie TVC seeks to reach more Filipinos nationwide and encourage the younger Filipinos to teach their Lolos and Lolas how to use the Internet. It also wishes to open the minds of older Filipinos that the going online can be quick, simple and a lot of fun.

“Through Bayan’s simple yet reliable internet solutions, communication between Lolas and apos is strengthened through the use of the Internet. Now, they can actually extend their fun through occasional Superpokes and Tweets,” ends Mr. Rojo.

(Press Release courtesy of Geiser Maclang and Bayan Telecommunications
contact: Sam Sanchez of Geiser Maclang

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