6 Out of 10 Filipinos Choose Nokia - According to GFK Asia Research

A research done by GFK Asia Pte. Ltd. in 2009 showed that Nokia is still the most preferred phone brand by Pinoys.

Based on quantitative** sell-out data from retailers and with very decent sample size* for telco panel covering the entire Philippines with a six-region breakdown -- NCR, Luzon (excluding NCR), Cebu, Visayas (excluding Cebu), Davao, and Mindanao (excluding Davao) to be exact, GFK Asia found out that 6 out 10 Pinoys choose Nokia when buying a new handset.

Me with Nokia N97 Mini and Nokia N900 (on the table)

Data presented in the research shows the actual purchases of consumers from different channels and regions. Since Nokia took the larger share of the total Philippine market of more than 50%, this means total retailers sales across all trade channels and regions is made up of more than 50% by the Nokia brand. Therefore, we can conclude that Nokia is the most highly salable brand for retailers and the most trusted mobile phone brand by Filipino consumers.

"Nokia Philippines was awarded the No. 1 brand for 2009 based on a more than 50% market share. Thus, we may infer that around 6 out of 10 Pinoys purchase a Nokia phone for their mobile needs,” said Glenn Pantig, GfK Sr. Account Manager for Convergence Technologies.

Congratulations, Nokia! :)

*The composition of samples (or respondents as you call it) are mainly all retailers selling new and legit mobile phones, including 'tiangges' as well as retailer chains as long as they are selling mobile phone units.

** Note that since the research is purely quantitative in nature, it cannot justify the reasons behind purchases. Hence, it cannot answer why consumers purchase Nokia; i.e. product quality, brand image, affordability, etc. since these criteria qualify as consumer research. Answering this calls for a new research altogether.

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  1. after dumping my old nokia phone and switching to samsung, i like to revert back. nokia is just the most user-friendly phone.

  2. I got a Nokia as my first phone. I tried other brands (Motorola, Panasonic) as well but they didn't come close to my experience (aka ease of use) with Nokia.

  3. that should be a worrisome trend for nokia. didn't it seem like 9.99999999/10 filipinos choose nokia not too long ago?

  4. well, back then, nokia didn't really have any competition in the market.

    the important thing to note is that Nokia never lost the #1 position despite the presence of Samsung, LG, Moto (then) and even chinaphones.

  5. i see that techpinas is in love with nokia.

    maybe samsung should send you a number of free flagship phones for you to be kinder to the brand.


  6. ^

    The content of this post is supported by quantitative research. It's not like I made it up to make Nokia look good. You can get in touch with GFK Philippines for hard numbers (if it's not confidential info) if you want.

    While I don't believe that there's such a thing as fair blogging, I always try with all my might to be as unbiased as possible -- especially in posts like this.


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