Sun Cellular BlackBerry Services - Coming SOON ?!!

As I noted earlier, one of the coolest things about Twitter is that allows you to get news straight from source and not from concentrate.

CASE IN POINT: Sun Cellular's Customer Relationship Management Team on Twitter (@suncelltweets) disclosing that the company is planning to launch BlackBerry services 'soon'.



@malynsyemit Rest assured maam that we are already working on offering blackberry services. It will be available soon :)
12:39 AM Jun 26th via web in reply to malynsyemit

@Macxbebe @tzehmark Tnx 4 ur continuous interest on Sun offering BBservices.We'll send an announcement once available.Tnx for ur patience:)
5:56 PM Jun 25th via web in reply to Macxbebe

Great! More competition on the service means better options for consumers.

Looking forward to hear word from Sun Cell on BB services launch and pricing details.
Please stay tuned for updates.

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