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Thanks to Lyn P. from Japan for emailing me this:

*** Don’t scroll down if you don’t wish to be spoiled ***

A lot of people in Japan already know what the ending is like. A limited edition Naruto manga was released near the end of 2009 featuring Kishimoto's work on how he intends to end it. Here is the list. It might change depending on the author.

- Sasuke will be redeemed in the very end, but will die as a result.
- Both Hinata and Sakura will end up in a love triangle with Naruto.
- Kisame and Konan will be the only Akatsuki members to live.
- Madara plus the rest will all die.
- There will be many skirmishes leading up to a few epic battles with Madara, Sasuke, the 5 resurrected Akatsuki members, Kabuto and the resurrected Sage of the Six Paths.
- Naruto becomes Hokage.
- Shikamaru becomes Naruto’s aide.
- Tsunade, Kakashi, Killer Bee, 2 of the kages will die.
- Guy and Naruto vs Kisame.
- Sakura will fight a lot more.
- Neji and Lee will have their moments.
- Tsunade will be more powerful than expected.
- Naruto’s “that jutsu” is a 4-element seal unlock that releases the chakra of the 9-tailed fox.
- Madara has an EMS + a stolen Rinnegan from Nagato.
- Madara’s last jutsu is Izanami, which extends his life using stolen souls.
- Madara pissed about Nagato not channelling stolen souls to extend his life.
- More coverage of Team Taka’s members’ background.
- Sexual scene between Hinata and Naruto (mild).
- Sasuke’s EMS looks like the crest from Fallout 3, or some toxic substances symbol.
- Jiraiya’s 2 other students besides the 4th Hokage revealed.

- Coverage on 4th Hokage and Naruto’s mother.
- 4th Hokage using Naruto to bring him back to life using yang chakra so he can take control.
- 4th Hokage didn’t die, only pretended to die. He is the main villain throughout the series. *** ULTRA SPOILER *** This will be revealed near the end.
- Madara made a pact with 4th Hokage.
- Epic battle with 4th Hokage vs Naruto and Sasuke.
- Moon will be split in half.
- Naruto gains a sage fox mode.
- 9-tails will perform anti-genjutsu and gain natural energy to help Naruto maintain permanent sage mode and immunity to all forms of genjutsu.
- Naruto will not learn the 4th’s spacetime jutsu.
- Many of the upcoming storyline will be based on Japanese, Hindu and Buddhist mythological themes.
- How Kakashi unlocked MS.
- More Rinnegan lore.
- A more powerful dojutsu than the Rinnegan and the EMS will be revealed. Involves the 10-tailed beast.

Nice! If this list turns out accurate, then all recent boring chapters will see redemption. I'm particularly interested about the Yondaime-as-Villain twist and the Yondaime-Madara pact; I've always felt that there's something fishy about the 4th's decision to just die in battle considering how powerful he is.

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  1. Very interesting. But why now these spoilers if the limited edition has been released end 2009?
    Seems to me made by a fan with a very good imagination.

  2. I also think this is most likely a hoax/ fanwritten. Stuff like this would have been all over the Internet after a release in late 2009; why would it take six months to post? ... If it is true though, I'd love to see how that love triangle worked out! XD


  4. This is so fake. The fourth does die
    -4th Hokage using Naruto to bring him back to life using yang chakra so he can take control.
    - 4th Hokage didn’t die, only pretended to die. He is the main villain throughout the series.
    These 2 contradict themsleves, one says he dies and one says he doesnt. and also - Naruto will not learn the 4th’s spacetime jutsu. He does when he obtains the foxes sealed powers -.- dude stop giving fake spoilers

  5. Gotta admit this spoiler still predicted things guy vs kisame....that just happened......and coverage on narutos parents...same thing. And the thing about izanami seems almost impossible not to be true


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