Google Commemorates 112th Philippine Independence Day with a Special Doodle

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan sa Lahat ng Pilipino Saan Man sa Mundo!

Joining all Filipinos in commemorating the 112th Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines, Google released this special doodle with design alluding to the Philippine Flag:

Google Doodle for 112th Philippine Independence Day - Live now at

Featuring an abstract, seemingly hand-painted design, today's Google Doodle hints key elements of our national flag including the golden yellow sun with eight primary rays, three five-pointed golden yellow star and the colors Red, White and Blue.

Official sources state that our flag's white triangle element stands for equality and fraternity; the blue field for peace, truth, and justice; and the red field for patriotism and valor. The eight primary rays of the sun represent the eight provinces which declared a state of war as soon as the first revolt was initiated in the 1896 Revolution of independence from Spain, and placed under martial law by the colonial government: Manila, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Laguna, and Batangas. The three stars represent the three major geographical divisions of the country: Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. [via Wiki]

Last year, Google also commemorated Philippine Independence Day with a doodle donning a more straight forward design. View it here.

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