The Dukan Diet - Most Popular Diet Program of 2010, Based on Google Insights for Search Data

Another cool tip for internet marketers and bloggers - like me - who are starting pack on the pounds and accumulate fat in the tummy area due to lack of physically demanding activities.

Based on Google Insights for Search data gathered from January to June 2010, The Dukan Diet is currently the world's most popular diet and weight loss program. Global search interest in the related keyword from the given period proves that Dukan has beaten out Atkins, Baby Food, Greek Mediterranean, Greek Ionian, Cretan Olive and Morning Banana to become the top diet program online.

Here are the rising Diet searches of 2010 (January to June):

1. dukan diet +2,100%
2. hcg diet +160%
3. greek mediterranean diet +150%
4. ionian diet +150%
5. greek ionian diet +140%
6. prasouda diet +140%
7. unique mediterranean diet +140%
8. aegean diet +130%
9. cretan olive diet +130%
10. kea diet +130%

What is Dukan Diet?

Dr Pierre Dukan is a French doctor whose book, The Dukan Diet, is said to be used by more than 1.5 million French women, which lays to rest the idea that French women don't get fat.[...]

The diet has four stages. Initially you live on just protein-rich foods for the first 5–10 days. This, for instance, means eggs for breakfast, fish for lunch, and steak for dinner. [...]

If you can survive this drastic and tedious introduction, you then move into the "Cruise" stage, in which you add unlimited quantities of vegetables every other day. In practice, this means that on your veg day, you could have some asparagus with your scrambled eggs for breakfast, vegetable soup followed by some grilled salmon and mangetout at lunch, and a lamb and vegetable casserole for dinner, although this would have to be made without any fats such as oil or butter.


This one-day-on, one-day-off routine goes on until you reach your ideal weight. As you would expect to lose about 2lb a week, this could take some time depending on how much you have to shed.

If you reach your goal weight, and have not lost the will to live, let alone diet, you enter the "Consolidation" phase when foods such as bread, breakfast cereals, pasta, rice, oils and butter, and the odd glass of alcohol, are gradually reintroduced.

Finally, if you are still doggedly living the Dukan way, you move into a phase in which you eat more or less what you like on six days of the week, but have one protein-only day every week for the rest of your life. The idea is that you can shed 1lb–2lb on the protein-only day and put right any damage that you may have done on the others. [Source]

Hmm. Interesting diet plan. Definitely better than pulling off a 50 Cent and starving yourself to lose weight.

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