Plants vs. Zombies: Philippines Holds Monopoly of Interest in Plants Versus Zombies, Based on Google Insights Data

Really, PopCap Games should be sending Filipinos favors as token of gratitude for patronage. :D

Based on Google Insights for Search data from January to May 2010, the Philippines practically holds monopoly of interest in the keyword "Plants vs. Zombies", which I believe translates to interest in PopCap Games' Plants vs. Zombies itself.

Here's the regional interest chart for the said keyword:

1. Philippines 100
2. United States 1
3. All other countries 0

NOTE: Almost the same goes for related keywords --

'plants zombies'

1. Philippines 100
2. Australia 3
3. Mexico 2
4. United States 2
5. Canada 1
6. Germany 1
7. All other countries 0

'plants vs zombies'

1. Philippines 100
2. Viet Nam 5
3. Australia 4
4. Mexico 2
5. United States 2
6. Canada 2
7. Germany 1
8. United Kingdom 1
9. All other countries 0

Considering how good a game Plants vs. Zombies is (right?), it should be enjoying overwhelming international success by now. But no. Apparently, as of the moment, Pinoys are still the only ones who show interest in it -- Unless, of course, there are people in other countries who play the game but never used Google to find the download link or to know more about the game.

Seriously, why do we like this game so much when every other nation in the world doesn't seem to care much about it? Or are we just first to pick up on the game?

What are your reasons for playing Plants vs. Zombies?

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  1. all of my friends, relatives, colleagues are into PvZ... for me its fun to play...

  2. Great playing it on iDevices :D

  3. plant vs. zombie is really fun,,, this game is enjoying me a lot,, all pilipinos like it

  4. Sir TP can you pls link me where to download the pvz on android im very desperate na :-(


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