Nokia X5 Slide - Specs, Photos, Price - First Impressions

One of the new handsets that were unvelied at the Nokia Connection 2010 last Tuesday is the Nokia X5 Slider phone:

Nokia X5 is a full QWERTY music device which makes messaging, social networking and listening to your favourite music fun and easy when on the move. The unique, square slider design makes it a perfect device for teens who enjoy Facebook, chatting, games, music and staying in touch with their peers in unlimited ways.

Favorite contacts, emails and social networking sites can be accessed directly from the home screen which makes sending messages and status updates a breeze. Thousands of games and other social networking, entertainment and personalization apps can be downloaded from Ovi Store. On top of that, the Nokia X5 has a great music player with excellent sound quality and loud speakers, offering easy access to the device’s music collection with space for up to 1000 tracks with a 2GB in-box memory card, expandable up to 32GB. In select markets, the Nokia X5 will include Nokia’s Comes With Music, the unlimited music download service with access to millions of tracks. With the fun “Surprise Me” feature, you can spin the phone when playing music to jump to a random track. Love taking photos using your phone? No problem. Nokia X5 comes with a 5 Megapixel camera.

Available in a variety of cool colors like Pink, Purple, Azure Blue, Yellow and Graphite Black, the Nokia X5 is expected to begin shipping during the third quarter of 2010 with an estimated retail price of EUR 165 (or roughly Php 9,400 with current conversion) before taxes and subsidies -- Very affordable, indeed.

Check out the official press shots of Nokia X5 in all available colors:

I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to play with the device during its unveiling. Here are photos of various panels of the Nokia X5 to give you an idea of how well it fits in the hand:

TP Thoughts:

If anything, the design identity of Nokia X5 proves that Nokia is serious in bringing fresh ideas and innovations to every consumer. Seeing itself as an industry leader, the company is undaunted in introducing yet another previously unseen handset form factor: The Square Full-QWERTY Slider.

I'm sure those who are looking for a full-featured phone that's not too bulky or too wide and the wild-at-hearts who want their handsets to reflect the kind of personality they have would find Nokia X5 as a near-ideal device.

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  1. I'm not a fan of QWERY keypads, because it's hard to use it with one hand, especially if you're walking (or driving... >_< haha but then again, I shouldn't be texting while driving, right?). But above that, I think the features are kinda neat! haha I'm intrigued with the Azure blue and granite black colors because the pink/reddish seems too "extroverted" for me haha

  2. what cpu does it have?

  3. its cute. i disagree with joseph. qwerty keypads is more easy to use. cause you only press one button per letter. i find it easy to text using qwerty.

  4. i agree avelltech, much easy texting with qwerty key pad...

  5. When is this being released in the Philippines?

  6. where can i buy this phone in the philippines..onlineshop pls.. ..;(

  7. where did you buy that???? does x5 wifi ready

  8. pls tell me wer could i buy x5???? is it available in phil market already?


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