Justin Bieber Baby Cover by Dan Johnson Externon - Youtube Hit, Hot on Facebook - NEW Pinoy Online Celebrity

If this boy ain't enough proof that nowhere in the world is Justin Bieber more famous than in the Philippines, then I seriously don't know what is.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest Pinoy online celebrity, Dan Johnson Externon (yes, that's really his last name):

Now, I know all he wanted to do was to cover Justin Bieber's 'Baby' in his own inimitable fashion and to promote his music channel -- but for some reason, this rather straight-forward performance of the pop hit caught both lukewarm admiration and utter belligerence of the Filipino Online community as evidenced by comments it received on Facebook. But before we go there, you might want to see the vid for yourself (make sure you catch his shoulder moves and beat-boxing skills):

OK. Johnson's Baby video is now officially a Youtube hit; Getting 106,634 views since it was uploaded 2 days ago and ranking #54 in the Most Discussed Music Videos this week.

Now, here are a few Facebook comments:

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