Samsung Wave HD Video Capture Sample Clips - 720p/30fps

TechPinas takes Samsung Wave HD video camera for a spin.

Went to UST with my mom and younger brother yesterday (bro's taking up Law there) then headed to Trinoma for dinner. Since I was using the phone anyway, I decided to test Samsung Wave's HD video camera.

Here are the results:

NOTE: These clips are a tad short. I'll post longer ones on the main review, which will be posted on TP sometime this week.

INSTRUCTIONS: Play the video. Then, once you see it on the playbar, click on resolution options and choose 720p.

Taken at around 5PM

I'm quite impressed with the video quality. What do you think?

Oh and by the way, UST campus looks nice. :) Mabuhay ang mga Tomasino!

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  1. where the videos saved on the phone memory or microSD? i'm about to buy this phone next week, but don't know what microSD Class would be enough to create a smooth HD video..

  2. ^

    These were saved on phone memory. On the phone, you only get 1.5 GB system storage with 390 MB user available storage.

    You actually have an option to save vids on either phone or microSD card.

  3. nice HD cam from wave...

  4. If I may ask. From where did you bougth your unit? been looking for one but I haven't found a single store that has it.


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