Cynthia Patag Thwarts Condo Burglary Attempt, Finds Solace in Facebook Fans Amidst Borderline Trauma

Legendary Cynthia Patag of Palibhasa Lalake fame successfully foiled a burglary attempt at her condo Thursday night when she heard someone trying to open her locked door.

"Thank God, it was during a TV commercial break. I normally turn down the volume! Because that's when I heard the clicking of one of my door locks," she posted on her Facebook page.

The burglar probably scampered upon realizing that his supposedly unsuspecting victim had become aware of his nefarious presence.

To serve as warning to those who are also living in condos, Cynthia bravely disclosed the modus operandi of these crooks, "Security is very tight in this condo bldg; the location alone warrants it. Heard criminal syndicates have moved from subdivisions to condo bldgs. Modus operandi: buy/rent a unit, 3-month surveillance, hit units on various floors. Mission accomplished, unit is sold to a ready buyer." Tsk. tsk. Bad, bad people.

Surviving this bordeline-traumatic incident, Cynthia turned to Facebook and found solace in concerned messages and comments for her ever loyal fans - whom she calls "Palangganas" (perhaps a derivative of Cebuano term 'Pangga' meaning 'Beloved"). Here are a few of their concerned notes:

"Be extra careful Ms. Cynth. It's awful feeling but nowadays it's hard to even trust your next door neighbor. Glad nothing bad happened to you."
- Wilma Verbo Crowley

"darling, be careful and watch out!.. kahirap naman ng sitwasyon na ganyan wala ka na peace of mind kasi lagi ka nalang nkabantay sa pinto-an mo. I hope Your Condo management SHOULD do something about it for the safety of all the occupants!.. install an allarm.."
- Maria Trinidad L├╝ttich

"Be extra extra careful. We can never be sure talaga ngayong mga panahon na to. ALL THE BAD GUYS ARE OUT THERE!! Waiting for their prey. It's really good that your unit is equipped with all the security gadget! :D

Ingat palagi...."

- Rose Aileen Beato

"God is protecting you... though please make a report on this incident to your building admin.."
- Amos Reyes Victorio

... to which Miss Cynthia Patag gratefully responds, "[...] Salamat gid for your advise and prayers, Palangganas."

Really, that was close. I'm glad she's alright.

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