Justin Bieber Thanks Filipino Fans on Facebook - Says "Mahal Ko Kayong Lahat" with Near-Perfect Pinoy Diction

Perhaps to acknowledge the undeniable fact that nowhere in the world is he more popular than in the Philippines, pop-sensation Justin Bieber posted a video on Facebook last Friday thanking his Pinoy fans for their support and saying "Mahal ko kayong lahat" (trans. "I love you all") with near-perfect Pilipino diction (well he got the open vowel A's right, at least):

Love begets love, so they say. Hence, these loving replies by Pinoys to Bieber's video:

Toni Camatog Salamat (Thanks) Justin!! You are sooo sweet!!! Not to mention AWESOME!!! LOL Daymm... that hair flip made my heart flip. ;) ♥
Saturday at 6:34pm

Niieekah Louxh wooooow !! AWWEEEEESOME !!! LOVE YA TOO JB ! :)
Saturday at 6:43pm

Joy ʚϊɞ Marie Mahal Din kita ♥ ♥
Saturday at 7:57pm

Krish Catherine Lorenzo love you too ♥ ♥ ♥
Saturday at 8:53pm

Isha ≧▽≦ Bieber mahal din kita bieber ♥♥♥
Saturday at 8:57pm

Toni Camatog I reeeaaallly don't wanna stop commenting. Justin Bieber is simply amazing!! :D
Saturday at 9:01pm

Krizelle Alyssa San Juan ahahhah... mahal din kita!aww
Saturday at 9:24pm

Marimar Camacho MAHAL NA MAHAL KA din nmin..JUSTIN..love+love=♥♥
Saturday at 11:29pm

Aww. Ain't that sweet?

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