Send Money from Paypal to Globe GCash - Now Possible! G-CASH Partners with Paypal For Easy Remittances

Great news for the millions of Overseas Filipino Workers in the US! You may now remit money directly from your US-Registered Paypal account to any Globe G-Cash account.

Transaction free shows up after you enter Php amount to be sent.

This feature went live on just this week.

Quoting Farhad Irani, Vice-President of PayPal Asia Pacific,

With over 73 million mobile subscribers in the Philippines or 7 in 10 Filipinos carrying a phone, you can imagine that the mobile phone has become a central part of daily life here, from paying bills to making purchases from online or retail merchants.

One of the leading local telco players, Globe Telecom, has a micro-payment service called GCASH which transforms a mobile phone into a virtual wallet. Globe GCASH has just integrated PayPal into their service to provide a secure, fast and affordable way for PayPal users in the US to transfer funds to Globe or TM mobile phones in the Philippines. For example, with over 10 million Filipinos working overseas, those that are in the US now have a more convenient way to remit money to families and friends in the Philippines. Check it out for yourself at the GCASH Online website that went live this week.

We’re happy to see that Globe is the first telco player in the Philippines to use the PayPal platform and we’re looking forward to seeing many more innovative ways for PayPal to fuel the growth of mobile commerce all around the region.

Rizza Maniego-Eala, President of G-Xchange Inc., follows up,

"By using PayPal, we can lower the cost of domestic and international remittances through Globe’s mobile network, which has increasing presence on the internet. The PayPal platform expands our capability and reach to the US."

FYI: There are 18,000 GCash outlets nationwide.

NOTE: If you're a Pinoy in the Philippines who have clients abroad who pay via Paypal, you're probably wondering if this feature will also work for you. I've already gotten in touch with Globe's PR agency regarding this; We're just awaiting response. For now, let me know if you've tried it (just because you're makulit and maligalig) and it worked.

UPDATE: Because I'm naturally makulit and maligalig, I tried sending money from my PH Paypal account to my GCASH account and as expected, it didn't work:

Sorry, we are unable to process your transaction at this time. Your country is not among the allowed countries who can use this facility.

Thank you for using GCASH Online.

That's how it is. Here's to hoping that Globe would consider offering this service to PH Paypal account holders in the near future.

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  1. To avoid such money transferring hassles...remit money with Remit2India

  2. Too bad, I thought this is open to all verified PayPal users but in any case this is a good start. Maybe in the near future they will include accounts verified here in the Philippines.

  3. You can try, get verified is all it takes!

  4. at this time in our country Philippines  still cant transfer PayPal Funds in Gcash?

  5. Is there any way we can transfer PayPal Funds or Use PayPal as  payments system
     to send Money by a Money Transfer?


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