Nokia C7 Specs, Photos Leaked - 8 MegaPixel Camera Confirmed

You've seen Nokia C2, Nokia C3 and Nokia C6. Now, feast your eyes on the leaked images of the other sibling:

Nokia C7 is on very the top tier of Nokia's entry-level C-line. It dons metallic accents lining its sizable touchscreen and an overall slim and svelte design identity.

Being an 8MP shooter, Nokia C7 effectively closes the gap between Nokia's 5MP cameraphones and Nokia N8 with its 12MP camera.

According to Digi.Tech (source), the phone could have either Symbian S60 5th Edition or Symbian^3 as its operating system. Here's to hoping it will be the latter.

No word on other specifications yet. Likewise, as yet, we're clueless about pricing details. And so, again, stay tuned for updates.

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  1. out na ba ung c3, c6, and e5?

  2. Nokia does not manufacture that C7. There's no device existing as C7 in Nokia production. Its not original. Dont mislead people.

  3. Check its coming soon on the market soon. Keep check back at Nokia website.

  4. LOL @ Anonymous # 2

    Are you dumb or what? If it's here. It must be for real.

    Go techpinas!