Noynoy Aquino Proclamation Trending on Twitter Worldwide

Following his proclamation as 15th President of the Philippines by the joint session of Congress this afternoon, Noynoy Aquino is now a worldwide trending topic* on Twitter.

Credit: Twitter

As you can see, related keywords such as NOYBI, Binay and Proclamation also join the list. Jejomar Binay, former Makati mayor, was also proclaimed as the new Vice-President of the Philippines earlier.

*How does a keyword become a trending topic on Twitter?

Every public update sent to Twitter by active users from anywhere in the world are instantly indexed and made discoverable 24/7. A topic or a keyword becomes trending when a considerable number of people tweet about it at the same time. Trending topics are categorized based on territories -- hence, a keyword can become trending in one country or one city but not in another. Worldwide trending is achieved when a keyword receives considerable tweet volume from around the globe at a given point.

How many concurrent tweets does a keyword need to be trending or what exact tweet volume is needed to catapult a query to trending status? Twitter has yet to disclose that info.

Anyway, here are a few tweets pertaining to Noynoy Aquino:

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  1. sana mabantayan ni president elect Noynoy si Binay sa kanyang mga proyekto na laging nakalagay ang kanyang intials kahit bakal katulad ng mga rehas sa makati