iPhone 4 HD Video Samples - 720p 30 Frames per Second Test Videos - Outdoor, Indoor

As promised, here are sample 720p/30fps HD videos taken using iPhone 4:

Play the video first. Then, once you see it on the playbar, click on resolution options and choose 720p.



Walking Around with Joshua Topolsky

Quoting ImRightWinger of Youtube:

colors are washed out and it blurs when moving due to the fact it has no stabilizer. [...]

Based on what I've seen in the videos, I agree. However, we have to keep in mind that this is actually a phone; And given that, I'm quite impressed.

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  1. these all look mediocre when anything moves. it's ok but not overly impressed. i got 720p movies and they look quite a bit better. don't know why but i'm not overly impressed with the quality. and i don't care how it compares to other equally mediocre phones. luckily video is not a big deterrent.

  2. The person behind the first post is probably using a 5 year old low end computer.

    It's running really smooth with my high-end computer in 720p. Actually I'm quite impressed with the video quality.

    I tried watching the video using my old 5 year old computer and when something moves, it stutters and lags. I recommend upgrading your system first before you throw stupid comments or just watch it in 320p for your viewing pleasure.


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