So I was in Greenbelt 3 last Friday, having dinner with a college friend, talking about iPad, Nokia X5 etc., when she all of a sudden took out her cellphone, plugged in the headphones and turned on FM radio.

"Milan, you have to listen to Papa Jack," she said while placing an earpiece on me.

"Who the hel| is this Papa Jack?" I asked.

Apparently, Papa Jack is the HOTTEST thing on Philippine FM Radio right now. He has these back-to-back shows in 90.7 Love Radio scheduled on Fridays at 9PM named "True Love Confessions" and "Wild Confessions" where listeners can just give him a ring at (02) 8326171 and share their love and relationship stories for all the world to hear. No holds barred, yes!

While the shows' concept is not particularly fresh, Papa Jack's hosting style is nothing short of crisp. He's funny, frank, witty, sarcastic, crass, conservative, asexual, sexual, gay, straight, frigid, wild -- all at the same time! It was my first time to tune in to his shows and let me tell you, this man's a genius.

Great as he is, however, he's not the true highlight of the show. What I found particularly cool are the stories of the callers themselves. Let me tell you, if you wanna hear love stories without all the made-up bull or love like how reality does it, then you have to check out True Love Confessions and Wild Confessions. Also, you need only listen to Papa Jack's shows once to realize that your love story is hardly the craziest this country will ever know; Believe me, it's not.

Just to give you an idea of how good his shows are, here are some Papa Jack confession stories I found on Youtube:

Whoohoo! Ain't that wild?

Here's what Pinoys on Twitter have to say about Papa Jack's shows:

"Alam mo, Papa Jack made Pinoy evening FM radio cool again. I know a lot of college students who tune in to his shows regularly. This man's a hero," my friend said while we were listening to Wild Confessions.

I agree.

Catch Online Streaming of True Love Confessions with Papa Jack HERE, Fridays 9PM.

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