Intel Atom N450 vs. N280 , N270 or PineTrail vs. DiamondVille : What are the Main Differences ?

New Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Asus, Toshiba and Lenovo netbooks, priced at around $350, running on Intel's latest Atom processor, N450 codename ' Pine Trail ' , are already set to be announced in January 2010.

For those who are planning to get a new netbook early next year and are wondering if Pine Trail is any better than DiamondVille ( or Intel Atom N270 and N280 running most netbooks out now), we have word from Intel Executive Vice President, Sean Maloney:

"[Pine Trail offers] Better battery life. But performance more than anything."

Alright. But how does N450 achieve this exactly? How is it different from N270 and N280 ?

"[Intel Atom N450] is the first monolithic processor with the graphics built in and the memory controller built in," Anil Nanduri, Intel Netbook Marketing Director, told CNET News.

Note that DiamondVille only features a CPU.

By combining the processor, the integrated graphics card and the memory controller all in one chip, the Pine Trail platform allows new netbooks running on N450 to be 20% less power-consuming and 60% smaller than their Diamond Ville powered counterparts.

Credit: Intel

It is rumored that the initial Intel Atom N450 release will feature a CPU clocked at 1.66GHz with a 677MHz FSB and 512KB of L2 cache and an Intel's GMA500 IGP - clocked at 200MHz .

UPDATE: Here's a comparative graph, showing PassMark* scores of Intel Atom N450, N280 and N270

Notice that the processing power of Intel N450 is not too different from that N280 and N270. As it appears now, Pine Trail's CPU is no screamer.

*PassMark measures a CPU's speed and overall performance in rendering Mathematical operations, compression, encryption, SSE and 3DNow! instructions, among others.

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  1. I was just passing by here and i came across this post.The information you have given is interesting and helpful for all.Good job.I will look forward for more details.

  2. It's not exact. AMD Geode was the first monolithic processor used not only for industrial purpose but having inside the package all the components. And before that there was other industrial x86 processor having it.
    AMD Geode LX is not so "powerful" as Atom, but with 0,9w of TDP was a great 500Mhz X86 processor.

  3. ^

    Thanks for the additional info. :)

  4. Good information fella, thanks

  5. The graph is misleading, check out how close the values are yet according to the graph the N450 is at least twice as good performance-wise, which the article disproves in fact

  6. The graph is not misleading when you look at the numbers it represents. The differences are based on 5 point values.

  7. graphs are only misleading if you dont read the graphs right.

    But i must give you that for people just skimming the article it will look like it has twice the performance.

  8. is a higher passmark faster than a lower one? Without that info the report makes no sense.

  9. Efergus is right, the graph is silly.
    It should start with an axis of Zero, not 300.

    while it is numerically correct, its still misleading to show a pictorial representation that is orders of magnitude larger for one item.

    It was obviously done for aesthetic reasons, if they had done the graph vertically instead then the full 0 to 320 could have been shown.

  10. evil graphic and VERY misleading, perhaps something with a vested interest

  11. The fact of the matter is: I've just received a new N450 and according to passmark the difference between the 450 and 270 is practically nothing.
    The total TDP may be theoretically lower than the 270 package but to be honest, I'm having difficulty seeing it. If anything, it appears hotter to me. In my opinion, at present, it isn't worth the extra dollars.


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