Poll Automation in the Philippines : How to Vote in 2010 ? Quick Guide to the Smartmatic-TIM Automated Elections

The latest Pulse Asia survey showed that 60% Filipinos are clueless about how the automated election system for 2010 works. If you're part of that 60% you might find this video helpful --

TechPinas Featured Video of the Day Presents:
Yahoo SEA's Quick Guide to the Automated Elections

Video courtesy of Yahoo SouthEast Asia

Smartmatic-TIM gives Yahoo! Southeast Asia a demo of the Automation process of the 2010 National Elections.

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  1. That automated system will help people a lot.Quick and easy to vote. Now,it will not require over a week for the results to be announced or the winners will determine maybe just an hour for local polls or by the end of the day for national elections.Hoped for a clean and honest election.


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