CNN - Youtube Winning Filipino Climate Change 'Raise Your Voice' Video !!

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"Raise Your Voice" video campaign created by Paul Darwynn Garilao and Alfonso Orioste, which bested 600 entries from around the world to win a climate change awareness video competition sponsored by CNN, and the Danish government for the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Great job, guys! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Garilao and Orioste left for Copenhagen last Sunday to participate in the Conference and to attend a live debate to be shown on CNN International News.

The two winning Climate Change videos (the other one, from Brazil) were chosen via online voting from November 6 to 30, 2009.

"We are the social networking capital of the world. Other countries may be more developed but I think that Filipinos are more active, more participative when using the Internet,

[...] We realize that it's not just the social media platforms but the number of relationships in those platforms that spell the difference. We spent zero on this campaign in terms of advertisement. We used a laptop and our own time to mount the campaign and we created a dialogue with the online community." Paul Garilao told ABS-CBN News (source).

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