New Per-Pulse or Per 6-second Cellphone Call Rate in Philippines Implemented by NTC !!

Great news for all cellphone users in the Philippines - especially those who prefer to just ring instead of send lengthy text messages!

“The NTC issued a landmark regulation directing all cellular mobile operators to implement a six-second pulse billing mode for mobile calls to take effect on Dec. 6,”

shared National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba in a press briefing in Quezon City last Saturday.

As stipulated in the regulation, service providers will be permitted to charge a “flag down” rate of P3 for the first two pulses or for the first 12 seconds (a pulse per 6 seconds) of call. 56 centavos will then be billed for every succeeding pulse until a full minute is covered. After the first minute, every pulse will cost Php 0.75

Php 3.00 = 1st 12 seconds
Php 0.56 = every 6 seconds thereafter until 1 minute is covered
Php 0.75 = every 6 seconds after the first minute

With this new scheme, a minute of call will still cost Php 7.50, which is the same as the old billing rate -- but at least, you pay for the time that you actually spend making the call instead of paying a flat rate. Following the computation, 1 1/2 minutes of call will cost Php 11.25 while 2 minutes will cost Php 15.00 .

The new billing rates should have taken effect starting last Sunday, December 6, for calls within one network. While new rates for calls from one network to another will be implemented starting December 16, 2009.


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