First Google Chrome OS Netbook to be Made by Acer in 2010!!

It looks like Google's much-anticipated Chrome OS will be first seen on an Acer netbook.

Acer Chairman J.T. Wang told Digitimes that he's "confident" that Acer, the manufacturer of the best selling netbook of 2008, will be first company to release in 2010 a netbook running on a pre-installed copy of Google's open-source operating system.

Acer was the first first-tier vendor to launch a Google Android-based netbook in the market. Although demand for the model was not as strong as expected, it did not dampen Acer's willingness to develop netbooks with non-Microsoft operating systems.

Don't disappoint us, Acer! Release a great machine.

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  1. I'm still a skeptic over Chrome OS given it's dependency on the internet. Hope the OS can be replaced. Also I'm counting this Acer laptop will come with a Solid-State Drive given its traditional HDD are not supported in Chrome OS

  2. I agree... Chrome OS is a web-based operating system. This OS is fully dependent on the internet and knowing Pinas is not a wifi free city (although majority of all the SM right now is wifi). But ofcourse, google has Google Gears for offline usage. But if you want to try it... here's the link


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