Google Phone : Nexus One - First Photos !! Runs on Android, of course.

Photos of the supposed first ever Google Phone aka Nexus One - given to Google employees for testing at an all-hands meeting Friday last week and rumored to be released in Q1 2010 - have just started to hit the web!

And it's looking quite svelte!

Photos Courtesy of Engadget

Google Phone - Nexus One, next to Macbook Pro 17"

There's a camera at the back of Nexus One

We don't know too many things about this phone just yet. But off hand, Cory O’Brien, a San Francisco-based blogger who got his hands on an actual unit the other night, tweeted that

“Google Phone = iPhone + a little extra screen and a scroll wheel. Great touch screen, and Android.”

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  1. This is an awesome phone, if you want to be different get one now. We have it in stock for 35k.


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