Top Words of 2009 - Twitter # 1 , Obama # 2 !! According to Global Language Monitor !

The Global Language Monitor (GLM), an Austin, Texas-based company that collectively documents, analyzes and tracks trends in language use throughout the worldwide (with a particular emphasis upon the English language) has just released its list of the Top Words of 2009 !

The Top Words are culled from throughout the English-speaking world, which now numbers more than 1.58 billion speakers.

'Twitter' was declared as the top word of 2009, followed by 'Obama' and 'H1N1' ! Here's the list of the top 15 words, courtesy of GLM:

The Top Words of 2009

1. Twitter — The ability to encapsulate human thought in 140 characters

2. Obama — The word stem transforms into scores of new words like ObamaCare

3. H1N1 — The formal (and politically correct) name for Swine Flu

4. Stimulus — The $800 billion aid package meant to help mend the US economy

5. Vampire — Vampires are very much en vogue, now the symbol of unrequited love

6. 2.0 — The 2.0 suffix is attached to the next generation of everything

7. Deficit — Lessons from history are dire warnings here

8. Hadron — Ephemeral particles subject to collision in the Large Hadron Collider

9. Healthcare — The direction of which is the subject of intense debate in the US

10. Transparency — Elusive goal for which many 21st c. governments are striving

11. Outrage — In response to large bonuses handed out to ‘bailed-out’ companies

12. Bonus — The incentive pay packages that came to symbolize greed and excess

13. Unemployed — And underemployed amount to close to 20% of US workforce

14. Foreclosure — Forced eviction for not keeping up with the mortgage payments

15. Cartel — In Mexico, at the center of the battle over drug trafficking

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