How to Withdraw AlertPay Funds or Money in the Philippines ? Can you use UnionBank Eon Debit Card ?

Irma A. DM'd TP this question via Twitter,
"TechPinas, I'm in the Philippines and I'd like to know how to withdraw my money from Alertpay to my local bank? Can I do it via my Unionbank EON card like how I do it with Paypal? Thanks!"

Hi Irma!

First, to answer question # 2, 'Can I do it via my Unionbank EON card like how I do it with Paypal?'

Nope. Unfortunately, as of the moment, you can't use your EON card to withdraw funds from Alertpay. But who knows, this method could be viable in the future.

Now, for your 1st question, 'How do I withdraw my money from Alertpay?'

In the Philippines, you can try the following methods to withdraw Alertpay funds:

1. Mailed Check

This is one of the standard withdrawal methods offered by Alertpay. The minimum withdrawal amount for this method is $20 USD and the check takes around 3-4 to reach your mailing address after you send your request. Note that there's a processing fee of $4.

2. E-Currency Exchangers

You can join secure e-currency exchange sites to swap AlertPay funds with other e-currencies like Paypal or Western Union, which could be easily withdrawn in the Philippines.

3. Invest in an Online 'Paid to' site and withdraw earnings via Paypal

You can invest in any 'Paid to' site that accepts funds from Alertpay and supports Paypal withdrawals -- like Neobux. Withdrawing Paypal funds in the Philippines should be a lot easier and cheaper than withdrawing Alertpay funds.

4. PinoyGoldExchange

You can invest your Alertpay funds in PinoyGoldExchange then withdraw your earnings via supported Philippine banks

There you go. :)

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