NVIDIA Ion vs. Ion2 : Is Ion 2 A Lot Better than Ion1 ?

NVIDIA Ion2, the next generation of NVIDIA's graphics platform for compact, low-power PCs, has been released to laptop manufacturers -- hence, we can expect new netbooks running on it to hit the market early next year.

Unlike the first generation Ion ( Ion1 ), which only supports Intel Atom processors, NVIDIA Ion 2 will likewise support Intel Pentium and Core2 series processors, VIA Nano as well as other ultra low voltage chips. Rumors also have it that Ion2 could be used by Intel as Pine Trail GPU instead of Intel's GMA500 IGP in some versions of the processor+gpu+memorycontroller platform.

Performance-wise, industry sources share that NVIDIA Ion2 should provide faster graphics performance than its predecessor if only for the fact that Ion2 has twice the number of 'shaders' or graphics processors than Ion1.

*thumbs up*

NVIDIA Ion 2 is definitely a graphics platform worth looking forward to.

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