Firefox4 Screenshots Unveiled ! Firefox 4 : Channeling Google Chrome ?!

Tabs on top or tabs at the bottom? - That is the question.

Based on these leaked screenshots, it seems that Mozilla is having a bit of a dilemma in choosing whether to put the tabs of the upcoming version of its popular browser, Firefox 4, on top or at the bottom :

Tabs at the bottom

Tabs on top

I prefer tabs on top for more vertical space -- but that will also make Firefox 4 look like Google Chrome. And copying your competitor's product design, when you're already the leader, is almost a marketing no-no.

Tabs at the bottom, on the other hand, is not necessarily a bad thing. Some users prefer this because it cuts the mouse distance from the browser space to tabs.

While this dilemma is enough a topic for a meaningful debate, I'd say, if Mozilla can offer the option, let the users decide where they want the tabs to be.

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  1. Opera has had its tabs on top of the address bar for years. Chrome wasn't the first to do this. So it's not copying Chrome more than it's copying Opera. ;)

  2. ^

    Hi Patrick!

    Thanks for checking out TechPinas!

    Chrome is hot these days -- hence, the comparison. :)

    I like your blog. :)

  3. chrome rocks, but the screenshots of firefox 4 are really cool.. love it!

  4. Well the 3.6 and 3.7 versions of this browser will feature security and stability enhancements - not least the long-awaited ability to run browser tabs in separate processes to prevent the whole thing falling in a heap each time one tab crashes - Firefox 4.0 will feature a Windows 7 look and feel, albeit almost a year after the Microsoft product hit the market.


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