GBoard : Gmail Keyboard !! Perfect Gift for the Gmail Addict this Holiday Season !

Finally, a hardware specifically for Gmail! Introducing GBoard :

Gmail has a lot of keyboard shortcuts but learning, mastering and remembering them can be a bit difficult. That's why Gmail addicts will surely be excited to know that a company found it lucrative to release a numpad-like device puts the most frequently used Gmail shortcuts a click away.

Credit: GBoard

GBoard is compatible for both PC and Mac. It's plug and play -- powered by USB and requires no software or drivers to work with your computer. However, you need to enable keyboard shortcuts within Gmail's settings to activate it.

See GBoard in action here:

The device sells for $19.99 or around Php 950.00 a piece, before taxes and shipping fees. Order yours HERE.

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  2. I seriously hope that TRASH button moves you into the trash bin section instead of deleting a mail.

    Nifty gadget, would look nice on the left side of the keyboard.