A New Friendster ?! Friendster Revamps Site Layout !

There are 20 Million Filipinos online and 13.3 Million of them are Friendster members -- so, most likely, dear TP reader, you have or had a Friendster account. It's OK, I also have one.

Not that Friendster has gotten a lot less cool these days (perhaps due to competition from Facebook among other things), but for those who have completely abandoned their pre-loved FS accounts, I'd like to let you know that Friendster has just revamped the look of the site and added some cool new features that could reel you back in.

Here are 2 screengrabs:

The New Log-in Page, check out the New Logo !

The New Homepage
As you can see, one of the new 'features' is the bigger shoutout box that now
looks a lot like Facebook's 'what's on your mind' box

Here's the promotional video of the New Friendster:

*thumbs up*

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  1. The new friendster UI is good compared to the old UI and their news feed is quite clean now.


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