2010 Thinkpad Roadmap : Which Thinkpads will be Released in 2010 ?

Another supposedly confidential Lenovo marketing info was leaked via TT315.cn !!

Check out the 2009-2010 (January to March) Thinkpad Roadmap :

This roadmap shows names of Thinkpad models set for January-March 2010 release. For X-series (the ultraportables), we have X210, X210s and X210t . For the T-series (top-tier, high-performance line), we have T510, T410 and T410s . For the W-series (the mobile workstation line) , we have W510 and W710 . There won't be any new releases soon for the R-series (consumer line) while for SL-series (multi-media and SME line), there's SL520 and SL420 . No further details on these machines were disclosed.

What about the rumored X200e White Thinkpad? It's not in the list. But who knows? Lenovo could be keeping it totally under wraps -- not that Thinkpad fans should be excited about its prospects.

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