Spotted! : Kris Aquino with Blackberry Phone ?! Which BB Model Does Kris Tote?

I'd assume that by now, everyone who follows ABS-CBN's The Buzz or Showbiz News Ngayon ( SNN ) should know that the Philippines' Queen of All Media, Miss Kris Aquino, owns a Blackberry.

But which BB model exactly? That, she hasn't disclosed to the public yet.

This photo, however, should give us an idea which BB model Miss Kris totes:

Check out the phone infront of Miss Kris.
I believe that's her BlackBerry -- clad in YellowGreen silicon scratch-guard.
Photo Credit: Lopez Link

The fine detailing of the BB are quite hard to see from this distance and angle but the rather pronounced stainless steel accent on the top edge of the phone is pretty obvious. Most BB lines ( Tour, Curve, Storm ) have steel trimming but Blackberry Bold 9000, perhaps, features least subtle metal use -- which closely resembles that shown in the photo above. Check it out:

What do you think? Does Kris Aquino own a Blackberry Bold 9000?

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  1. hindi kaya her phones are these:

  2. i think she's using 2 BB phones...last week i saw her using a red and a white BB phone in The Buzz. Which is really Bongga! Di lang ako sure if what model.

  3. China phone imitation ng blackberry hahahahahah!


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