Facebook : How to Hide Tagged Photos in your Album Without Removing Tags ?

This one's a classic.

You go to a friend's party, get wasted and do crazy stuff like hug the toilet bowl while vomiting or give a stranger a lap dance. The morning after, you - now sober - check your Facebook album and see your photos from the wild night, tagged by your friends, out for anyone interested in your profile to see.

How does one save face in the face of impending Facebook character assassination?

You can ask your friends to remove your nasty shots or remove the tags yourself. But if you don't want to come off as tad too self-conscious, you can choose to lay-low and just keep your profile visitors and Facebook friends from seeing your tagged photos.

Do that by following these simple steps:

1. Log-in to your Facebook account. Stay logged-in.

2. Visit your Profile Privacy Page via this link.

3. On your Profile Privace Page click on Profile Information:

4. On the Profile Information page, scroll down and click on drop-down menu beside Photos and Videos of Me, click on Customize

NOTE: If the settings on the Profile Information page are locked, you can open and change them by typing in your password on the Open Privacy Settings password box that will pop-out when you click on a Change Privacy Settings button located at the upper right corner of the page.

5. Click on the 'Make this Visible to' drop-down menu on the Custom Privacy box and choose Only Me.

6. Save Setting.

There you go.

While your nasty shots are still online, at least, those who visit your profile's album won't see them posted there.

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  1. ...But those who I want to show them to won't see them either.

  2. ^

    @step 5.

    Choose 'Specific People'.

    Enter names of 'Specific People' on the box below.

  3. Today Facebook has became the most popular communication medium for business professionals.I have been using Facebook.The information that you have given here is very helpful for me.

  4. Great to know about this..It happens to me sometimes when some people tag me and I don't want that tag..Really cool..Thanks..


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