Google Chrome BETA for Mac and Linux Now Available for Download !

Mac and Linux users can now enjoy the wonders of Google Chrome (or at least, most of it) !

Google Chrome BETA for Mac and Linux are now available for free download. Right now, they still lack a few features offered in the Windows version (like extension-support), but these beta versions are as stable, as fast and as secure.

As of 1 December 2009, Chrome was the fourth most widely used browser in the world, with 3.9% usage share of web browsers.

Download Google Chrome for Mac HERE.

Download Google Chrome for Linux HERE.

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  2. Found it a lot slower compared to Firefox (when running flash games).

  3. I have been using Google Chrome on Mac OS 10.5.7. Compared to all other major browsers available on Mac OS, Google Chrome is definitely the fastest one. Starting the browser is almost instant, and surfing the web is noticeably faster too. This is especially true for sites with a lot of JavaScript.A nice feature of Google Chrome is it's automatic update. Google Chrome has never asked me to restart it, and yet it's always up to date.


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