Apple iPad iOS 4.2 : Quick Review After Installation, part 3

So last night, Jeremy decided to take his iPad out of the toilet and install iOS 4.2 software update on the iDevice. Here's him again, telling us what happened...

Installing iOS 4.2! by Jeremy Go --

I know I promised to talk about Emailing and Messaging in my next post, but please indulge me for a minute here, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!

I finally got to install iOS 4.2 for my iPad!

Set up was super easy and done in 30 minutes. Just plug in my iPad to iTunes, click update and off it went.

ipad ios 4.2

When all was said and done, instantly I knew something was different when I saw this icon...

ipad iOS 4.2

Apple’s new Game Center, which I honestly have not yet used or figured out what to do with, because I don’t yet play games.

But there’s so much great stuff you don’t see right away....
Double clicking the home button now brings up this...

ipad ios 4.2

A multi tasking bar that brings up your recently opened programs for faster switching. And it doesn’t shut down the background program, so my meebo doesn’t have to reconnect everytime I switch between safari and meebo example.

Also you can now combine your apps into folders for easy organizing.

ipad ios 4.2

And the email now has a Gmail like conversation thread, which I was really looking for.

ipad ios 4.2

I’m sure that those are not all the features of this new update. But so far those are the ones I found most useful. Now excuse me while I go play with my “new” iPad.

Go ahead, dude! But seriously -- Thanks, Jeremy! You're the man!

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  1. Why is it the jailbreaking is not illegal until now?


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