iPod Touch 4G : Unboxing Video, Accessories and Peripherals Check

The world's most popular portable gaming device has reached our humble hideout; Thanks to TP Partner, Power Mac Center.

ipod touch 4g

We'll be doing a series of posts on the iPod Touch 4G over a course of several months -- showing you its stunning design identity and lush features and capabilities. And to kick things off, here's our iPod Touch 4th Generation unboxing video;

Here's what you will find in the box --

1. iPod Touch 4G unit
2. Earphones
3. USB Connector
4. Manual (Finger Tips)
5. Apple stickers

All new generation Apple iPod products that we review were provided and warrantied by Power Mac Center. TechPinas deeply believes in the quality of products and after-sales service of Power Mac Center.

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  1. OoOOoO! Shiny! Planning to buy one after 1 year.


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