iPhone 4 Glass Damage Due to Drops : Not All Too Uncommon

According to the latest smartphone Drop Incidence data released by SquareTrade - the largest independent warranty provider in the world, of all smartphones included in the study, iPhone 4 appears to be the one that's most prone to drop damage.

iphone 4 glass
Based on this graph, iPhone 4 is the most fragile device. SquareTrade expects an 11.1% drop-related damage happening on the phone over a year.

SquareTrade went on to suggest that drop damage incidence is directly proportional to the amount of glass found on a smartphone,

The data seems to suggest that the likelihood of drop damage is directly proportional to the amount of glass on the device. With dual-sided glass, the iPhone 4 has twice the fragile surface area of the other smart phones.

So when you have a device as fragile, it's either you --
1. Treat it like a baby or
2. Get one of 'em cases or bumpers.

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  1. I'd be sure to buy those rubbery exterior cases but I'd be even more careful not to drop my iPhone 4 three times in a row. There is no doubt that plastic will definitely survive a fall better than most glass. Still, most high-end device manufacturers would go with a material that isn't plastic. The plastic makes them feel junky. I also think that most manufacturers would think a consumer would definitely take better care of high-end device.

    Apple will most likely have to go to carbon fiber on iPhones in the future. Apple could certainly use Lexan plastic for survivability, but it scratches so easily. Apple would have to devise some sort of thin outer glass coating for hardness. No way to win 100%. There'll always have to be some compromise.


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