iPod Touch 4G Review : 4 Things We Like About It, First Impressions

"A lot of people call it an iPhone without the phone. It's also an iPhone without contract. But even more remarkable, it's become the number 1 portable game player in the world; It's amazing. The iPod Touch outsells Nintendo and Sony portable game players combined. It's got over 50% market share for both the US and worldwide.

[...] So what are we gonna do with this really successful iPod Touch?
Well, we're gonna make it even better."

- Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, introducing iPod Touch 4th Generation

ipod touch 4g

Last week, the best and most reliable Apple retailer in the Philippines, Power Mac Center, gave TechPinas an iPod Touch 4G unit to play with. I'd like to share my initial impressions of the device by listing down the 4 things I absolutely like about it.

1. It's really thin!

ipod touch 4g

With depth of only 0.28 of an inch or 7.2 mm, iPod Touch 4G is the thinnest iPod Touch ever! And as if that's not enough, Apple design team even gave it tapered edges, which make the device look even slimmer. Holding it by its sides, you'd feel like it's just an ID or credit card.

But as much as it's thin, it's also very light! Weighing just 3.56 ounces or 101 grams, iPod Touch 4G is something you'd have no problem carrying with you wherever you go.

2. Retina Display wows!

ipod touch 4g

Now, I know you might be thinking, "I bet this Retina Display thingie is overrated. You know how Steve Jobs tends to hype the simplest of innovations with 'It's amazing. It looks cool.'"

Well, let me tell you, Retina Display lives up to the hype. This type of display packs 326 pixels per inch -- so dense that the human eye is unable to pinpoint individual pixels when the iPod Touch 4G is held at normal distance. For me, RD is easily the best display on a mobile device you can get these days. I even think it thoroughly slays SuperAMOLED.

3. iOS 4.1 Rocks!

iOS 4.1 is the 1st major update to iOS 4, adding new iTunes features, High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography, Game Center, for iPhone and iPod touch users. Of course, it includes innovations introduced in iOS 4 like Multi-tasking, Folders, iBooks, better Mail system, custom playlists, 5x digital zoom for the camera, tap to focus video, spell check, customizable homescreen wallpaper, wireless keyboard support and faces and places in photos.

iOS 4.1 is clean, organized, easy-to-use and efficient. I can't imagine anyone - regardless of age - having a problem navigating it.

4. Two cameras! 720p High Definition Video Capture!

iPod Touch 4G flaunts not one but two cameras! The one in front is for FaceTime calls while the one at the back is for shooting HD videos. I'll post sample videos soon but off hand, let me tell you, the HD video quality is amazing.

Of course, there are definitely other features to love about iPod Touch 4G. I'll add more to this list when I write my formal review of the device. But that's it for now. :)

All new generation Apple iPod products that we review were provided and warrantied by Power Mac Center. TechPinas deeply believes in the quality of products and after-sales service of Power Mac Center.

Watch TechPinas' iPod Touch 4G Unboxing Video via the link.


  1. dang...it's so sexy but looks like so fragile.

  2. Hi Jade! It really looks sexy! :) As for being fragile, I don't think it is. The back is made of metal so that gives it a really sturdy feel. :)

  3. the best gaming and media player devices!!


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